Campari fights back against cyber-attacks with Darktrace AI


Darktrace, the world leader in machine learning technology for cyber defense, has today announced that Campari Group, a global leader in the branded spirits industry, has deployed the Enterprise Immune System to detect and autonomously respond to in-progress cyber-threats.

With a portfolio of over 50 premium and super premium brands, Campari Group is the sixth largest player in the industry, trading in 190 nations globally, and employing 4,000 people. As stealthy and sophisticated cyber-threats proliferate, Campari Group wanted to ensure that its security team could respond quickly enough to a breach within its network.

“Darktrace has completely changed our approach to cyber security,” said Luca Scolaro, IT Security & Technology Manager, Campari Group. “The autonomous response technology allows my team to spend its time and effort where it is really needed, taking strategic, high-level decisions, while the AI takes care of the repetitive tasks of detecting and taking immediate action against threats. I can rely on Darktrace to know when to act and what exact action to take in response to unfolding threats, halting them in their tracks and buying us vital time to investigate.”

The Enterprise Immune System learns the evolving ‘pattern of life’ for every user and device on Campari Group’s network. Powerful AI algorithms detect any anomalous deviations from ‘normal’, which could be indicative of an emerging cyber-threat. The technology reacts intelligently to in-progress attacks within the network, slowing down or stopping threatening activities in real time.

“As a large FMCG company, Campari Group has a large and complex supply chain, which introduces a multitude of vulnerabilities and in-roads into its network,” said Corrado Broli, Country Manager for Italy, Darktrace. “Additionally, Campari Group trades largely on its reputation – thus, the potential harm that a cyber-attack could cause is enormous. It is leading the way in leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning to help defend its brand from the consequences of cyber-threats.”

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