Hammond signals change with 5G upgrade for Gigabit Britain


Julian Rae, Technology partner at Deloitte in Cambridge comments on today's Budget: “5G will have a big bang impact. Its long fuse has today been lit following the Chancellor’s deployment of finances that will lay the foundations of 5G readiness. The UK’s demand for capacity is insatiable; 5G and fibre networks are required to quench that thirst as 4G capacity is exhausted.

  “An investment of £160m will help with the testing and deployment of 5G infrastructure, as well as the applications that would run it. This will pave the way for driverless cars and other technological advancements in the future.

“We should not think about 5G as just another technology but rather as a building block for digital transformation. Faster networks with more capacity are prerequisites for a digital nation – it is the nervous system of the digital world.

“Over the next five years, the UK’s workforce will become transformed through mobile apps that make them more productive: the UK has the opportunity to lead across all forms of technology revolution. However, the best quality networks are essential in order to achieve this.

“Telecommunications connectivity is now just as important for the UK economy as transport infrastructure. Without it, the country would grind to a halt. Continued investment in new and exciting network technology is essential in order to keep the UK competitive in global markets and at the cutting edge of connectivity. World class connectivity is a foundation of a world class economy.

“When we think about 5G, we should think about the three main facets of 5G, which are equally important. Most are familiar with higher speeds to handsets, but 5G will also be used as an alternative to fibre to the home (this is the application being rolled out in the US, now), and also to connect the industrial Internet of Things.”


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