Leadership and management MSc is specifically for the engineering world


Tailoring your leadership and management skills to the specific needs of an engineering workplace - that is what NSIRC offers with its new MSc courses in Engineering Leadership and Management. After proving popular with prospective students over the summer, the course is now recruiting for new starters to join NSIRC and Aston University from April 2018.

This part-time course aims to help emerging engineering leaders build upon their previous specialist engineering skills, experiences and training, to acquire management and leadership skills required to meet the needs of industry. To this extent, the programme is demand led, with a number of optional modules to further assist first adopter businesses on their engineering needs. These come in the form of optional modules.

Core modules include strategic management and finance, project management, research methods and developing leadership and management capability through enquiry.

Beginning in April 2018, each module will be taught over 3 weekends, with a total of twelve study weekends per year (Saturday and Sunday) for two years.

“Each weekend of the course has been very interesting and enjoyable,” says Ameni Lounissi, student of the September cohort. “It’s made me feel all the more pleased that I chose this MSc, because the way it teaches us management skills from an engineering industry perspective is ideal for my current work.”

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Strengthening the links between academia and industry is central to the way NSIRC courses are selected and coordinated. As a result of this, every NSIRC student not only has an academic supervisor but also an industry supervisor. All Industry supervisors have comprehensive experience working at a high level within esteemed engineering companies, such as Boeing, BP and TWI.

All MSc courses offer a bright future to graduates, giving them the tools needed to be more successful in ever-changing industry environments.

To find out more about the courses on offer at NSIRC and the important teaching that each one provides, visit nsirc.co.uk/degrees


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