TWI extends capability for testing adhesives and composites in aggressive chemicals


Over the years, TWI has served its members to answers their questions and find new ways to solve their challenges. Achieving this has extended the knowledge and capabilities of TWI to serve the wider membership through remaining at the cutting edge of testing and evaluation.

To this end, a member company approached TWI with a request to evaluate the effects of concentrated hydrofluric acid on a number of materials used in challenging repair situations. TWI has conducted tests with dilute HF in the past and had an established small-scale area for handling this material. However, once the test plan was agreed, it was clear that an alternate facility was required.

TWI, therefore, now has a dedicated laboratory facility dedicated to the handling and testing of specimens using HF. The facility has all the required safety equipment for handling HF and is run by specially-trained TWI staff.  

The test campaign in question completed a 1000 hours immersion test for multiple samples, with the samples being monitored during the test. Test specimens were removed periodically, inerted and then evaluated on behalf of the member company.

As the campaign ends, the facility remains available for Members requiring similar immersion testing with HF or other chemicals that typically require special precautions when handling. If you would like to discuss the use of the facility for testing of adhesives or other materials, please contact us.

Image: HF Immersion Testing


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