D&A Creative works with the Greater Cambridge Partnership


D&A Creative is helping the Greater Cambridge Partnership reconnect with the public.

Cambridge is a thriving and vibrant place to live and work, with a strong economy and a promising future. The city competes on a global stage and is a gateway for high-tech investment into the UK. The Greater Cambridge Partnership aims to ensure that the success of the area continues by investing in the transport infrastructure, housing and skills needed to see future economic growth.

D&A Creative has worked with the GCP team over the past three years, producing materials to communicate detailed information about proposed transport projects in a user-friendly way. Following initial public consultations and development of options the GCP is now reconnecting with the public to get their views on schemes that aim to meet the area’s future transport needs.

The new materials needed to link to the Partnership’s new website, and as the process moves forward have a new look and feel to the original literature. A bold colour formed the base of the palette, with elements of the logo ‘wheel’ used throughout to add colour and graphical elements. Inside the leaflets the development of infographics to simplify and clearly communicate the proposals was used.

The materials created included leaflets, posters, bus stop advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising and bus tickets.

The team has been particularly pleased with the design and the materials and the feedback these have received from the target audience:  “Just to say thank you so much for all your hard work. We have a good number of people having their input from various different perspectives and organisations. One thing they all comment on, is how good the brochure looks and how nicely it seems to come together. “  - Communications and Engagement Officer, Cambridgeshire County Council

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