IoT in agriculture: in-depth coverage at Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018


The opening day - Wednesday 18th July - of Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018 at the John Innes Centre, Norfolk Research Park, will comprehensively explore applications of the IoT in agriculture. Keynote speaker Professor Julie McCann, Imperial College London, will open the conference with "So you want to use IoT in Agri?"

Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018

18 - 19 July 2018 - John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park

The opening presentation at Sensors in Food and Agriculture 2018 will be given by keynote speaker Prof. Julie McCann, Imperial College London on "So you want to use IoT in Agri?"  In a challenging talk, Prof. McCann will explore the pitfalls in the application of IoT in agriculture.

Following her talk, there will be presentations on a variety of different application areas: detection of plant pathogens; 3D multispetral imaging systems; a high definition soil sensing system; non-intrusive insect monitoring.

After lunch, the morning there will continue: targeted detection of Zymoseptoria; sensors for soil nitrogen; multispectral imaging in agriculture; an autonomous robotic platform; an automated smart trap for wheat pathogen detection.

The final presentation of the day will be by Dr. Foysol Chowdhury, Director of Innovations at BRAC University, Bangladesh - "Application of IoT in agriculture in developing countries."

The day concludes with a networking reception which allows delegates to meet each other, view the exhibits and judge the poster displays.

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