Elodie Valery joins Salus Wellness


Elodie Valery, a graduate from the Cranio Sacral Educational Trust in London, is the latest to join Salus Wellness. Registered at the Cranio Sacral Therapy Association (CSTA) in the UK, she also has a qualification in Thai Massage (from Wat Pho), and knowledge of nutrition, especially in ancient Ayurveda Medicine.

Elodie developed a high interest in the world of Well Being whilst living 15 years in Asia.

She is a yoga practitioner lover and a strong believer in the power of mindfulness. The mind-body-soul connection that she developed in her yoga practice brought her to Cranio Sacral therapy that she first experienced as a client.

What impressed her the most in Cranio Sacral therapy is the paradoxal, subtle, non-invasive touch and its deep healing effects.

As a therapist, Elodie is looking at health while listening to the subtle rhythmic motions that go through the tissues and fluids. By using a light non-invasive touch, she will feel if any distresses and compressive patterns are held in the body and will help to facilitate their release.

Elodie  is  continuously  building  on  her  skills  through  professional development.

She loves traveling, reading, moving (cycling, walking, swimming) and yoga retreats.

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation or for more information: call Elodie on 07841 377 655 or kingdidie@hotmail.com

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