Leading university bolsters cyber security with Darktrace AI


Enterprise Immune System from Darktrace defends Hong Kong University of Science and Technology against advanced attacks.

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defence, has announced that the internationally leading Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has deployed Darktrace’s AI technology to defend its cutting-edge research, and the personal data of 17,000 students and employees, against novel cyber-threats.

In the midst of an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, growing numbers of educational organizations like HKUST are leveraging Darktrace AI to proactively detect and respond to unpredictable cyber-attacks, including International Baccalaureate, Universidad de Las Americas and United World College of South East Asia.

Charles Choy, IT Security Officer, HKUST, commented: “Darktrace proved to be valuable from the offset, finding several security breaches, which would have otherwise gone undetected. Traditional security tools, although necessary, are insufficient in providing us with actionable intelligence and leave our security team with alert fatigue. The Enterprise Immune System flags genuine threats as soon as they emerge, and enable us to take swift remedial action, before they escalate.”


Darktrace is the world's leading AI company for cyber security.