TWI's Tipper Group gains practical welding training


TWI’s Tipper Group supports women working in industries involved in welding and associated technologies and, as part of their mission to encourage and support women in engineering, they took advantage of TWI’s in-house training school to take part in a welding appreciation course.

The practical course allowed six Tipper Group members the chance to experience hands-on welding using MMA, TIG and MAG welding processes as well as NDT techniques like penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspection.

This practical training took many of the group members out of their comfort zone while still being in a group supported by their peers. The informative session saw initial trepidation turn into excitement at the prospect of improving the skills on offer.

This training demonstrated how TWI is willing to support and encourage greater diversity in engineering, while also offering a genuine hands-on insight into the skills required by welders.

You can find out more about TWI's work within corporate and social responsibility (including the Tipper Group) here.


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