Ecobooth: Finding new uses for old plastic and creating a sustainable business


It’s estimated the events industry alone created 100,000 tonnes of waste in 2018 – equivalent to 1.4 billion plastic bottles. Ecobooth develops ways to use waste plastic as a core material and then builds on this further using 100 per cent sustainable materials. PA Consulting helped the team turn their ideas into a business.

As the name suggests, the company’s process turns waste plastic into booths and other equipment for live event activities, such as trade shows. Shredding, compounding and extrusion combine with pressing, moulding and vacuum technologies, some of them adapted and some of them new. The products are 100 per cent recycled, and recyclable. Even the most sustainable of existing trade show booths only achieve 40 per cent reusability.

PA Consulting helped Ecobooth develop their ideas and design their business model. And our technology experts worked with Ecobooth to assess and identify potential materials and manufacturing technologies.

Alongside its innovative technology, the business uses renewable energy across its operations and zero emission vehicles for deliveries and installations. Ecobooth is one of many businesses PA Consulting has advised on the opportunities in the growing circular economy, which extracts more value from materials by recovering, refurbishing and re-using them.

PA has used Ecobooth exhibition stand at several events, premiering it at the Disruption Summit Europe.  Ecobooth is also working with other clients, from fashion brands to not-for-profits.

Watch the video story of their first booth build:

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