Darktrace defends Italian retail giant


Kasanova Gains Unparalleled Visibility Across Entire Digital Infrastructure

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense, has today announced that Kasanova, one of Italy’s largest homeware retailers, has deployed Darktrace’s AI to defend its 500 stores from advanced cyber-threats.

Protecting a complex digital ecosystem across hundreds of stores and an evolving supply chain, a successful cyber-attack on Kasanova could lead to disruption as well as financial and reputational damage. In addition to external threats, Kasanova must also contend with increasing vulnerabilities on the inside, including anomalous connections to unknown sites and unapproved attempted software installations. As a result, the security team deployed Darktrace to defend their expanding attack surface as the company grows, giving them complete visibility over their SaaS, cloud, and IoT environments.

“With a presence in every Italian city, detecting and responding to threats on each individual store or company device was a difficult and time-consuming task,” commented Luca Levati, IT Manager of Kasanova. “Thanks to Darktrace, cyber AI does the heavy lifting and we can now respond to any in-progress threat in real time.”

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Darktrace is the world's leading AI company for cyber security.