Plextek and Wave Tech partner to revolutionise airport runway safety


Nick Koiza, Head of Security Business features in ‘Counter Terror Business’ magazine this week. He discusses Plextek’s recent collaboration with RF signal technology company, Wave Tech, on a foreign object debris detection radar that has the potential to save lives.

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Plextek – Technology Specialists for Safe Cities

Plextek specialise in helping organisations around the world achieve secure communication and electronic design solutions. We have developed a portfolio of case studies that highlight our wide range of expertise in the areas of Government & Public Safety, Critical Communications, Location Tracking, Safe Cities, Unmanned Systems & Automation, Transport and Critical National Infrastructure.

Our clients are spread across the United Kingdom, Europe, United Emirates, APAC and North America.

Counter Terror in Transport

In light of a continued SEVERE UK threat level the transport sector, in particular, is experiencing a wide range of security challenges. Our main role in countering such threats is through leveraging our in-depth expertise and capability of radar systems, sensor systems and data exploitation. This enables our clients to take effective preventative measures against a variety of threats by implementing solutions that provide rapid detection, tracking and alerting.

With a long and successful history of providing results in transport security, we continue to take leading roles on pioneering projects that will benefit the sector. One example was an early stage technology development of an ultra-wideband microwave camera that would be able to provide material identification of hidden threats, such as explosives and/or weaponry. Ideal for non-intrusive screening of people & baggage at airports, as well as passenger counting and monitoring for train systems.

Case Study: Revolutionising Airport Runway Security

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on runways and taxiways costs airlines and air forces millions of pounds each year in damage caused to aircraft. Of which, one of the most notorious incidents was the Paris Concorde accident in 2000, in which, 133 people were killed by FOD making its way into the engines during take-off.

Early detection of FOD, where the threat consists of centimetre-sized objects, is paramount in preventing future aircraft accidents and is currently not being clearly detected by existing radar technologies in the marketplace.

Partnering with South Korean-based RF signal technology company, Wave Tech, Plextek successfully designed and developed the world’s most advanced FOD detection solution for operation on airport runways.

This state of the art system is currently being installed at Incheon Airport in Korea and is capable of detecting, discriminating and alerting the presence of a M5 nut and bolt (2cm object) to sub 10cm resolution at ranges of greater than 400m.

Government and Public Safety

We address the Public Safety and Security market’s need to be quicker, smarter and more efficient in keeping citizens safe in times of crisis through our design and supply of narrowband PMR and broadband LTE devices.

Moreover, Plextek’s solutions can complement or replace technologies like TETRA with broadband LTE, meaning that, from an end-to-end perspective, field users and control room operators benefit from increase security and safety whilst also being more efficient and cost effective.

Case Study: Dual Mode DMR/FM Radio for Flexible Digital and Analogue Communications

Our client’s secure communications challenge required Plextek to design and develop a dual mode DMR/FM (UHF/VHF bands) radio for flexible digital and analogue communications.

We inherently designed the radio to satisfy stringent product specifications including a compact waterproof enclosure, vacuum-formed shielding and enhanced battery life.

Now the world’s first full-duplex DMR Radio, the device also has GPS-enabled and Bluetooth capable features, providing full audio full audio Push-to-Talk (PTT), full-duplex calls and IP67 protection with MIL STD 810G, CE & FCC conformance approvals.

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)

One of the key security market challenges is the need to safeguard CNI and other high-risk buildings against a variety of security threats.

We have made it our primary mission to ensure the protection of security sites & high value infrastructures such as prisons, power stations, utilities, oil refineries, hotels, palaces and electricity networks through sensor applications that guarantee rapid alerting and tracking in the case of unauthorised person, object and vehicle movements.

Case Study: Counter UAV

Classified among the threat to CNI is risk from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). This issue is ever increasing due to the instant availability of such technology from the commercial sector.

We have a history of delivering successful end-to-end radar solutions for effectively combating this threat having previously supported customers that are protecting Critical National Infrastructures (CNI), Prisons and Presidential Palaces from the risks posed by UAVs.

Deployment of our industry leading mm-Wave micro radar enables the detection and tracking of multiple drones from horizon-to-horizon, via a mechanically steered hemispherical solution based on covert 60GHz mm-wave technology.


Central to Plextek’s culture is the company’s ability to collaborate - working with clients and governments to take an idea from concept to market. We achieve this by providing a range of highly innovative and specialised detection solutions bespoke to our clients’ unique security challenges.

With a significant proportion of Plextek’s business devoted to our clients in the National and Homeland Security sectors, we understand the sensitivities of this market and have experience in successful project and service delivery ranging from small research projects through to large-scale operational systems.  We look forward to working with you.

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