Watch: Inside the University of Cambridge's digital comms


Cambridge University’s titan of communications, Barney Brown, joins Sookio in its latest Facebook Live to discuss how far the University’s digital presence has come, why we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace new things and the importance of letting people speak authentically online.

Sookio writes:

The University of Cambridge has stood for over 800 years. It boasts 18,000 students, 11,000 staff, 150 departments, and 31 different colleges, so it’s not surprising to hear that there are over 4,500 websites affiliated with the University, alongside thousands of social media channels.

The University of Cambridge’s comms strategy

In our latest Facebook Live, Barney shares how they tackle:

  • Managing crisis communications
  • Examining tone of voice across the whole organisation
  • Harnessing student vloggers
  • The evolution of their social media channels
  • Time-saving digital tools
  • The importance of authenticity and taking risks


Plus Barney answers your questions on:

  • Digital communications strategy
  • Testing new social media platforms
  • Interacting with other institutions online
  • Attracting under-represented groups
  • Connecting with older generations
  • Re-purposing content you already have
  • Working backwards to find your audience

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