Pay to View event streaming available from WaveFX


Ticketing and Pay to View events are increasingly becoming the norm for event producers who need a place where they can sell and manage their content with ease.

WaveFX can help with all aspects of filming, streaming and ticketing the event insuring the highest quality broadcast and production values at a realistic price.

The team says: "We teamed up with Cleeng who provide the entire payment infrastructure necessary for a successful pay to view event. Cleeng’s robust monetization platform is genuinely both seamless and effortless with a broad tool-set and options needed to brand, promote and sell at a premium level.

"What we also really like was the flexibility in ticketing and pricing, early birds at a recent event purchased tickets for £25 rising to £150 on the actual day. Once the event finished the watch again highlights were posted and ticketed for just £15.

"The customer service is good too and very reactive to any issues or questions from subscribers."

Still sounds daunting? Don’t worry; WaveFX can handle all aspects of the event production and streaming including managing your event on Cleeng:  "We don’t take a penny from ticketing, and all money is paid directly to your account. We only charge a small transparent setup and handling fee."

Pay to view is a great proven technology that allows anyone from around the globe to watch any event, anytime from on any device.

For more information on how WaveFX can help film and stream your next event or just provide a pay to view service, please call Jamie 01223 505600 or email

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