Smartphone filming: create more professional looking content


Cambridge TV offers a hands-on masterclass to show you how to create better short videos on your mobile phone.

Cambridge TV writes:

Have you heard the saying that it's who you know that can make the biggest difference, rather than what you know?

We've found that meeting new people leads to conversations, which in turn leads to work and to referrals.

Short videos on your website, or within your social media channels, let you reach out directly to your potential new customer so they feel they know you before you've even met.

And best of all, you probably already have the camera - it's the smartphone that's tucked into your pocket or bag.

If you're looking to present yourself in the best light, and hoping to avoid some of the common pitfalls, we can help.

Cambridge TV Training is holding a practical and hands-on smartphone masterclass on Thursday 21 March to walk you through how to find and clearly share your message, how to create film that looks professional, how to improve your audio, lighting and other technical steps, and how to direct the boss or a colleague to ensure you get the footage you need.

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