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With the help of Independent Cambridge - the community of ‘real’ Cambridge - Cambridge Network continues its weekly exploration of the best independent shops, cafés, restaurants, people, businesses, venues and events in Cambridge and the surrounding area. This week: Cambridge Car and Van Rental.

If you like doing things the indie way, then remember, it’s not just about the obvious high-street offering of hip coffee shops and trendy bars. There are many other ways you can ‘go indie’ and enjoy the experience at the same time. Cambridge Car and Van Rental (CCVR) is a classic example.

Owned and managed for over 25 years by a born and bred Cambridge family, the Buttress’s – Martin, Debbie and son Luke, this independent business offers car, van and mpv rental but with many indie benefits. Unlike the chain rental companies, there is no remote, impersonal call centre or complicated centralised booking system.

What you will get is brilliant customer service from a small, knowledgeable team; incredible flexibility when making bookings and of course that all- important local knowledge if you are new to the area.

Cambridge Car & Van Rental
7303-305 Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB5 8JE  
Telephone 01223 464045

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