Learn how to video edit: one day training


A one day video editing course run by Cambridge TV Training will help your work look polished and professional.

The web is awash with video right now - but what separates the good from the bad, if it's not a live broadcast, is often the editing.

Perhaps you have been capturing short video clips on your smartphone, or filming customer testimonials.

Ever wondered how to get rid of the umms and the stumbles so you can upload content that projects your best professional self while still being you?

Or do you need further techniques such as title sequences and visual effects? 

Cambridge TV Training's one day course will show you how on Wednesday 1 May. The same training session is being held on Wednesday 26 June. But if you can't make either of these two dates why not get in touch to enquire about a one-to-one session?

We know what works because our work is broadcast.

Further information available here: http://www.cambridgetvschool.co.uk/editingworkshops/





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