Headphone owners would give up 24% of battery capacity for AI features, survey finds

hearables report next to a cup of tea

In an extensive survey of 6,000 consumers in the UK and US, Audio Analytic found a strong appetite for artificial intelligence – and in particular sound recognition – on headphones, earphones and earbuds. 

Neil Cooper, VP Marketing at Audio Analytic writes:

The majority of consumers were positive about the role of AI with many willing to sacrifice a quarter of battery capacity for valuable capabilities. Collectively known as ‘hearables’, these devices could be enhanced through intelligent, context-sensing capabilities to enhance listening experiences, manage battery life and keep wearers safe.

The final report can be downloaded for free here.

The survey was carried out by an independent consumer research company on our behalf and answers some key questions facing brands active in the dynamic hearables market:

  • Which form factor (on-ear, in-ear, over-ear) or connectivity (wired, wireless, true wireless) are the most popular among segments of the market?
  • Which of the 30 leading brands are most popular among consumers?
  • How much did consumers last spend and when did they buy?
  • How much do they plan to spend next time and when do they plan to buy again?
  • How much time do consumers spend using headphones, earphones and earbuds and where do they use them the most?
  • How does the amount consumers last spent on headphones or their age affect attitudes to current battery performance and the amount they would sacrifice for AI?
  • How do the various segments of the market feel about artificial intelligence in general?
  • Do consumers want a voice assistant running on their hearables?
  • Have consumers put themselves in danger by wearing headphones and how do they perceive potentially dangerous situations?
  • Do consumers want headphones, earphones or earbuds to recognise sounds around them?
  • Do consumers want their devices to dynamically adjust noise cancellation and sound equalisation settings based on their acoustic environment?
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