How to choose the right registered office address for your China investment

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The next webinar in the popular series run by Cambridge-based China trade experts - which takes place next Tuesday 4th June (9:30 AM - 10:15 AM BST)  looks at the important decision companies need to make about where to locate in China. writes:

It is every real estate agents' mantra: Location, location, location. You've certainly heard the phrase enough and may wonder what inspires agents to say the word three times. Choosing a location for a new business, especially in such a large country as China, is one of the most important decisions companies make during the planning phase of launching their China ventures.

There are several components one needs to look at when investigating cities and districts within cities, such as looking at the legal and tax issues, infrastructure, property levels, hiring capabilities, industrial clusters, your own network of suppliers and customers and relocation policies, to name a few. In this webinar we will be looking at all these components and how they can affect your China investment.

Speaker: Kristina Coluccia

Since 2003 Kristina has been a leading expert in China inbound investment. With international expertise and cross-industry experience, Kristina is detail-oriented with a creative personality and a can-do attitude – important traits to have for China. She has supported start-ups, SME’s, multinationals and publicly-listed companies with their China market-entry and expansion; focusing on their legal, corporate, tax and administrative needs.

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