Editing skills training for action films

A shot of paddleboarding

Most people's work experience is dull and boring.  The team at Cambridge TV thought they could do something more exciting for a handful of lucky students, with the help of Milton Country Park.

The team writes:

We decided to create a sports piece on paddleboarding (as pictured) for our sports series called In The Zone. A previous piece looked like this: 


Next week, our work experience students will be getting hands-on day to day participation.

They will also have something tangible to show for their efforts, which can be viewed on TV and online. And they'll also get their name in the credits!

Their week will include training on how to edit the footage - which is vital for cutting just the best bits and telling an effective story.

If this sounds like fun and you'd like to join them for the video editing workshop on the morning of Wednesday 26 June, there are details here: https://www.cambridgetvschool.co.uk/editingworkshops/

And there's another workshop - on dry land! - running on 1 and 2 August.


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