Aspire2BLean increases its productivity footprint

graph showing increasing productivity curve

 Aspire2BLean has just taken office space in the centre of Birmingham, so it can support the vibrant Midlands economy and manufacturing sector. The company will still retain its office in Colchester and will continue to support the East Anglian region, including Cambridge. Aspire2BLean offers bespoke productivity consulting, team engagement methodologies and expert coaching, and works in all industry sectors and locations.

Driving productivity is becoming essential as the world of business becomes exponentially competitive. There is no doubt that this is real. The need to be agile in every area of business is absolutely fundamental. In order to be agile, process and physical waste has to be removed from every segment and element of business. It is essential to consider team engagement, leadership behaviours and technology to identify the waste and remove it. 

What are your productivity issues ? Where do you believe your waste is ? Are your team fully engaged in your business? Are your systems robust and consistent ? 

If you are interested in answering the above questions and sharing your productivity challenges, please call or arrange a meeting. The new Birmingham number is 0121 262 4114. 


We are a niche business consultancy specialising in removing business waste such that businesses can have a more agile and sustainable outcome. Our approach is founded on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Productivity. We are not limited to manufacturing companies. Typically we work with larger SME's and corporate companies, but not exclusively. Our approach is that of employee engagement, where the staff become your "Waste Hunters"