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Woodland Wishes' Tracy O’Leary

With the help of Independent Cambridge - the community of ‘real’ Cambridge - Cambridge Network continues its weekly exploration of the best independent shops, cafés, restaurants, people, businesses, venues and events in Cambridge and the surrounding area. This week: Woodland Wishes.

With its squishy sofas, scented candles and uplifting artwork, depicting pretty woodlands carpeted with bluebells, Woodland Wishes HQ in Fulbourn is a welcoming haven. It’s far removed from the stark feel of a traditional funeral parlour, and this is exactly what Tracy O’Leary intended when she set up the business in 2012, offering personalised funeral services using ‘earth friendly’ coffins.

Tracy was working for Cambridge homeless charity WinterComfort when she was asked to market woven willow coffins. They proved popular with families desiring a more meaningful service, and Woodland Wishes evolved from there.

Today the award-winning company offers funerals, cremations and natural burials at 300 UK woodland sites, including Barton, Six Mile Bottom, and Ramsey. Coffins are locally made in willow, wool, solid pine and cardboard, which can be personalised. Black hearses are available, though clients often prefer Woodland Wishes' Volvo 4x4 estate. Tracy has a chapel of rest in Fowlmere, a cosy family room, filled with willow hearts, flowers and lavender candles.

At its heart an honest, ethical indie, Woodland Wishes goes the extra mile, with Tracy available 24/7. Whatever the send-off, from services in a field of llamas to intimate home funerals, Woodland Wishes have made those desires a reality, providing real comfort to grieving relatives.

Woodland Wishes
Funeral Services
4 High Street, Fulbourn Cambridge, CB21 5DH
Telephone 01223 880002 / 07794 860131


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