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Research Hub

England Marketing has built a very exciting space in the heart of the Cambridgeshire landscape.

The Research Hub, has been purpose built to meet a growing need amongst food manufactures, growers, producers and new product developers: It offers a space to explore, test and gather opinion from shoppers. Evidence of opinions around new products and concepts is a critical buiness process, more so than ever before, and The Research Hub is proving a popular place to establish whats great and what needs further development. 

With a fast growing 'consumer panel' England Marketing is able to quickly recruit groups to meet client credentials: So if you really want to know what a shopper is thinking and they are in a certain age bracket, have bought something in particular and have 2.4 children and a dog... No problem!

'Our shopper panel is made up of just ordinary people, from all walks of life, not trained - just keen to look at new ideas and offer their opinons.' Says England Marketing.  'Delivering impartial feedback is really valuable.'  

With a bank of individual tasting booths, space for round table discussion and workshop activity, and plenty of audio and video capability, The Research Hub can capture and stream all the debates and discussion. There's also a private viewing gallery for clients to sit in and observe the whole process.

Whether you are creator, a consumer or a conference organiser - The Research Hub is a place to taste, to test, to explore , to enjoy and innovate. Gather opinions to inform your new product development – or simply test new ideas and verify customer acceptance…

From major manufacturers to artisan producers and emerging brands we work towards gathering meaningful insight that will help inform and influence the ‘what next’ on your creative journey.

It's not ALL about food - This space can be whatever you want... Come and see what we do or call us 

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