Meet Anna, Sookio’s new Sales & Marketing Executive


Hello there! I’m Anna Mikolajczyk and I’ve just joined the Sookio team as our new Sales & Marketing Executive. I’d like to introduce myself properly, tell you what I’m up to and share my thoughts on joining the coolest marketing agency on the block.

So, I’ll be looking after Sookio’s marketing and growth activities – and there will be plenty of those as we have so many exciting plans in the pipeline.

I’ll be your go-to person when you want to commission Sookio to work on a new project or to talk about services, like content creation, strategy and training.

I’m really looking forward to shaping this new role and being involved in both creative and strategic aspects of the business. I’m particularly eager to get stuck into social media management, copywriting, video production and blogging. The best part of this position is that it’s not a ready box I have to fit into; there’s room to stretch it, mould it, and develop it along with my own skills.

I’m also going to be the one behind our Instagram and other social media channels.

On social media and the Sookio blog, I’ll be talking to you about all things digital marketing, agency life, industry events, and more (I can’t share everything I’ve got tucked under my hat, can I?).

My background

Since completing my Master’s in Marketing at Anglia Ruskin University, I’ve been building up my portfolio of skills. I’m bringing in my experience in social media, email marketing, events coordination and online content creation in both B2B and B2C setting.

Along with Anna comes a bitty handful of languages. I’m originally Polish, which makes me almost bilingual, so now I’m trying to get my Italian to the same level.

This means that we now have Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Canadian English, a sprinkling of Gujarati, a smattering of Welsh, and fluent Geordie between us. Watch out, Google Translate.

On a personal note, I’m also unapologetically enthusiastic and terrorise the team with an uncontrollable amount of exclamation marks in the internal communications. I’m pleased to see they’re keeping me anyway.

What’s it like to join Team Sookio

Since the very beginning, I’ve been very excited to work in this creative and dynamic environment. The agency life is proving to be unlike anything else: the variety of projects and clients, the ideas that we bounce off one another and the overall buzz.

And in between all this, there’s the Mill Road window bingo, a little Sookio game we play whenever we need a screen break or some creative stimulation.

An unforgettable first week

My settling-in period has undeniably been one of a kind…

Less than a week in, Sookio HQ was temporarily displaced after the Mill Road fire. You can read more about what happened in our Love letter to Mill Road, and Sue's article on LinkedIn, The day our business didn't burn down.

As a result, we’ve been enjoying a nomadic existence – working from home, coffee shops, the church opposite and clients’ offices (thanks Cambridge Econometrics and St Barnabas Church).

It said in the job description that no two days were the same and it turned out to be right!

Read more on the Sookio blog.


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