Valuable clinical trial medicines transported by Biocair from Japan to Northern Ireland

Envirotainer RAP e2 being loaded onto the TCV at London Heathrow

Biocair’s global team of logistics experts have collaborated on a project to transport eight pallets of temperature-sensitive clinical trial medicines from collection in Japan to delivery in Northern Ireland.

Given that clinical trial drugs often have a strict stability profile, the acceptable temperature range for that particular drug to be deemed safe is tightly controlled. Therefore, it is of critical importance that logistics specialists, like Biocair, are able to control the temperature conditions of the medicines from collection to delivery as any deviation in temperature range could damage the integrity of the product and therefore disrupt the clinical trial.

As the customer requested the services of a specialist courier to manage the transportation of the clinical trial medicines, Biocair, in collaboration with its service partner in Japan, arranged for the loading of clinical trial medicines into Envirotainer RAP e2 containers in Osaka (Japan). On the evening of arrival in the UK, Biocair was present at the airport to check the temperature and battery charge of the Envirotainers before arranging customs clearance and overseeing the loading onto the roller-bed temperature-controlled vehicle the following morning.

Once loaded, the medicines were then transported directly to the consignee’s site at Craigavon (Northern Ireland) whereby Biocair once again attended to oversee the unloading of the pallets and to send the results of the temperature monitors to its customers.

Speaking about this particular project, Don Riach, UK Director of Operations at Biocair, comments that “we were able to provide a complete solution to the client from Japan to Northern Ireland using the most efficient transport routes. Biocair’s experience and knowledge of handling active temperature-controlled aircraft containers and TCV’s, as well as dealing with customs and regulatory bodies, ensures that medicines are cleared as quickly as possible. We gave total peace of mind to the customer and were able to complete each action of the individual project plan and communicate this with the customer.”

From liaising with different collection and delivery sites to delivering single shipments within a large trial, Biocair’s global network can setup the complete logistics of a clinical study.

Image: Envirotainer RAP e2 being loaded onto the TCV at London Heathrow



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