Choosing the right recruitment agency


Choosing a recruitment agency doesn't have to be difficult, you just need to find one that fits all of your needs. Read employer and job seeker tips from Busy Bee Recruitment below:

Not sure how to start your recruitment process or how to choose the right agency?

Decide what role you are recruiting for or looking for:

This is one of the main steps in starting your recruitment process. You need to outline what you want and what you need. Whether the role is temporary or permanent, the choice is yours. Once you have outlined everything you can start the next steps. Take time to consider what you are really looking for and what your skills and experience are.

How do I outline the right agency for me?

The question is simple, do you want a specialist agency or a generalist agency? Whether that be a high street agency or an executive search agency, again the choice is yours. You need to meet with consultants and get an understanding of who they are and if they can help you. Without speaking to anyone how are you going to establish if they are the right agency for you? By meeting with agencies this gives you an opportunity to sell your business as an employer or to sell yourself as a candidate. It is also a chance to build a good relationship and gain trust.

Specialist agencies: a recruitment agency that has individual consultants who specialise in varied industries and may even recruit overseas.

Executive search agencies: a recruitment agency that only specialises in high-end executive roles and only sources for exact relevant candidates. They may also recruit nationwide or overseas.

High street agencies: a recruitment agency that recruits a wide range of local roles in any industry.

What is a recruitment fee?

A recruitment fee is the cost of the recruitment agency and no candidates ever pay the fee. The fee is only paid by the recruitment agencies clients if a candidate has been placed. Every recruitment agency has to charge a fee because how else would money be made? To establish what fee is best for you, it is probably wise if you do your research and get in contact with relevant agencies. Sometimes it is best to go for the reasonably priced fee as you will always get the maximum effort and you definitely get what you pay for.

Recruitment agency fee's usually range from 15%-20% but sometimes they can be lower depending on if they have an agreement with the client. Very often you will find that they also have a flat fee but again that may just be an agreement with the client. Just remember to never make an agency decision purely for financial reasons.

Taking the final recruitment step:

Finally, you have got to the end! You have chosen your agency, now the work needs to be put into practice. Leave this to the professionals and let them do your job for you. Make sure you keep in constant contact whether it be interview feedback, a meeting or writing a job description. Your recruitment consultant will need every single piece of information to make the recruitment process run smoothly. Whether you are a client or a candidate make sure you gain trust and build a good relationship - this is one of the most important traits when recruiting!

When you have covered everything you are ready to go!

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