Submit your travel story for Greater Cambridge Citizens’ Assembly

bicycle. Image by Pixabay

How do we reduce congestion, improve air quality, and provide better public transport in Greater Cambridge? To help answer this question, a group of people will come together for four days this autumn at the Greater Cambridge Citizens’ Assembly and help solve this key issue for the area.

The Assembly will hear from a range of experts and, as well as directly hearing evidence, the Greater Cambridge Partnerhsip (GCP) would like Assembly Members to consider people’s experience of travel in and around Cambridge. These stories will be collated and made available to Assembly members.

You can submit your travel story on the website here.

All stories submitted will be published on ConsultCambs after the closing date of 28 August.

The Citizens’ Assembly builds upon the GCP's Choices for Better Journeys campaign, which saw more than 5,000 people give their views on measures to cut congestion and improve public transport.

Please note: GCP reserves the right not to accept offensive or inappropriate submissions.


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