Introducing Benchmark Services…

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Whether you are relocating science laboratory or looking for a short/long term warehouse facility, Benchmark Services’ versatile team has the right equipment and vehicles to help.

Benchmark Services has been offering a number of services and support throughout every stage of a delivery, relocation or storage requirement, since 2001. Based in Cambridgeshire, its experienced team is fully trained and has the experience to not only provide these services, but answer any questions you may have.

The main services are:

  • Laboratory Relocation services.
  • Delivery and Installation of scientific equipment.
  • Samples & Chemical Transportation.
  • Storage & Warehousing.
  • Helping Hands.
  • Recycling.

Each of these services are carried out professionally to customers' satisfaction.

The team outlines its services:

Lab Relocation Services

When moving science laboratory, there is usually a lot of handling, dismantling and removal of heavy equipment. With our assistance, we can carry out an easy, quick and safe relocation for you. Our lab relocation service is designed and thought-out to provide our customers with as stress-free a move as possible.

We can also assist with any office relocations, as well as transportation of any scientific equipment.


Delivery and Installation

From the very beginning, Benchmark Services has provided delivery and sitting services for well-known science laboratory manufacturers. Being a completely independent company, we can deliver your equipment to the “point of final use” location, rather than to a “Goods In” area, often far from where it’s needed. 


Samples & Chemical Transportation

We understand how fragile chemicals and hazardous goods can be - they need to be properly segregated, carefully packaged and delivered securely. With fragility in mind, sometimes a professional helping hand is ideal when dealing with hazardous goods. With our equipment and vehicles, Benchmark Services are able to move your scientific or medical samples and chemicals carefully.

In addition to this, our Dangerous Goods Advisor (DGSA) can also supply detailed instructions and packing guides for all inventories.


Storage & Warehousing

If you are looking for a safe place to store your science laboratory equipment, whether it be short, medium or long term, we offer our storage services at our main facility in Cambridgeshire. 

Our warehousing facility is fully managed to enable the safe and controlled administration, hosting and movement of your stock and products. Stock control, distribution and field service support is also part of our storage & warehousing package.


Helping Hands

If you have no internal porterage department or have limited resources, we can provide resources to move your equipment or furniture within a single building or inter-building (for example, a university department or hospital facility).



Whether it’s an old storage unit, a heavy piece of machinery or a full laboratory that’s been closed down if you have some unwanted goods from you science laboratory that can be recycled, Benchmark Services offer our services to provide safe disposal of this equipment.

If you require our help, get in contact with Benchmark Services today by calling 01480 423 810 or alternatively email


Benchmark was established in 2001 and are experts in laboratory relocation and delivery of scientific equipment to point of use. We also offer managed storage and warehouse solutions, recycling of redundant equipment, project management and much more.

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