Don’t let your email marketing leave home without reading these Sookio tips

toy car with overloaded luggage on roofrack

It’s your email marketing newsletter, not your luggage to Palma de Mallorca. Keep things nice and compact, and give your customers something to look forward to. Sookio shares tips on how to create that ideal inbox-filler.

Creating a newsletter is not as straight-forward as it might look - at least if you want your audience to actually read it. We've compiled a list of Sookio-approved essentials to include in your regular email marketing activity, paired with practical examples of beautiful newsletters.

1. Lure them in with a subject line

2. Compelling copy is a must - think about what are you saying and how?

3. Eye-capturing imagery - don't let the text get lonely!

4. Aesthetics control - is your design clean and user-friendly?

5. Call to action - make it very clear

6. Reality check point - not everything is newsworthy

7. Don't forget to measure your success


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