Emotional intelligence means better leadership

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Any leader who is currently struggling with a team would benefit from developing an essential ingredient in successful leadership: emotional intelligence.

Guy Shackleton of Positive Development writes:

An effective team is an organisation’s greatest asset and crucial for realizing the company’s vision. Being aware of what makes different people “tick” enables leaders to optimise the way they communicate, reward and motivate their team.

Team Performance coaching uses specialist tools to understand what motivates different people and provides leaders with the information and resources to make better business decisions, improve communication and stimulate greater motivation. Having this awareness and type of coaching enables leaders to choose strategies to resolve conflict, inspire the team members to excel in their roles, and secure the long-term stability of the team.

Team Performance coaching is a valuable partnership which reinforces the connection between Leaders and their teams through self-awareness and strategic planning and skills development.

By appreciating fresh perspectives, improving emotional intelligence and enabling more resourceful thinking, Positive Development supports teams to work around perceived barriers, focus their resources on what is most important and reach their full potential.

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Executive Coaching for senior managers and leaders to achieve greater results by clarifying objectives, eliminating barriers and invigorating motivation.

We cultivate happy and motivated people by providing insights and development pathways that deliver positive outcomes. We use Motivational Maps®, a unique diagnostic tool, and NLP best practice for insight and strategies to improve wellbeing at work, productivity and personal fulfilment.

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