How can Benchmark's services benefit you?

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Find out how services at Benchmark have been (and still are) beneficial to clients for over 20 years...

For over 20 years, the Benchmark Services team has been providing a reputable service - offering knowledgable and informed help on laboratory equipment removal and storage requirements.

They can help with the delivery, installation, recycling and storage of your goods - a service that is convenient for your relocation. 

Here they offer five reasons why their services can benefit you…

1. We prevent injury

Often, our clients’ situations require the heavy lifting, loading and transportation of fragile equipment. If done incorrectly, injury or damage to the equipment can occur. Luckily for you, we have the right equipment and experience to perform these types of services safely. From our large fleet of vehicles to our sturdy forklifts, Benchmark Services can ensure a swift and careful move. 

2. Achieve your goals

Every business is created with, or to achieve, goals. Whether you are a profit or non-profit organisation, these goals can be anything - from maintaining a safer environment, curing a disease, improving the lifestyle of your clients or anything that has a possibility to be achieved and will result in a positive impact for people. In some cases, struggling with achievement or generally being unmotivated can sometimes be because of your lab space.

With Benchmark’s help, we can assist you with your change of scenery, so you can settle swiftly and achieve your business goals in a more convenient work environment. 

3. Our warehouse facility is the perfect place for your goods

Benchmark Services offer short, medium and long term storage at our facility based in Cambridgeshire. Providing stock control, distribution and field service support, our warehousing team promises a secure area to store your goods!

4. Make your lab space more convenient…

If the current location of your laboratory is too small and inconvenient, relocating could be a good idea for a fresh start. Whatever your reason, our personnel are fully trained, experienced individuals who can help with the loading, delivery and installation of your inventory to whatever the location. This is beneficial to you and your business because a larger, fresh work environment is more motivating, and gives you space to grow your business.

5. A complicated move made so simple

Whatever the reason for your move, the ideal scenario is that your lab is relocated and settled in its new facility with as little disruption as possible. However, due to the fragility, time-duration and complexity of your equipment, this isn’t a simple endeavour you should carry out alone. 

The Benchmark Services team takes small steps with big responsibility - with our knowledge, equipment and training, you should definitely consider our professional laboratory equipment removal services!


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Benchmark was established in 2001 and are experts in laboratory relocation and delivery of scientific equipment to point of use. We also offer managed storage and warehouse solutions, recycling of redundant equipment, project management and much more.

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