Writing the perfect press release? Sookio has a course for that!

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Writing an attention-grabbing press release doesn't have to be a tricky task! Sookio School has just launched a brand new course: How to write an irresistible press release. The cherry on top of the cake is that you can watch it for free!

What is a press release, and what does it do?

You have a great story, some important news, an event or product, and you want the world (or at least your potential customers) to know all about it. It’s time to go to the press, but this means writing a press release.

But everyone wants to get noticed and no one wants their press release to get lost among hundreds of others in an overflowing inbox. So how do you stand out? The new Sookio School course will show you the way!


So, what exactly will this course teach me?

You mean aside from all the useful information and tips on the topic? We have plenty of resources to download, a project to get you started, and the invaluable experience of learning from a pro - Sue Keogh herself.

Want in? Here’s what you need to do now!

If you're ready to get stuck in now, get free access now.

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