How to stand out in a tech interview

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Landed an interview at your dream tech company and want to know how to blow the interviewers away?

Busy Bee Recruitment explains how:

Arrive on time and in suitable attire:

This is applicable for any interview. Always arrive on time and never be late! Make sure you have communicated with the HR department in regards to what the dress code is for the interview. Some tech companies dress casual and never wear suits so it's key that you double check. First impressions are the most important thing about interviews. The way you present yourself is what the employer will look at first.

Bring a project along with you:

Make sure you bring along a project that you have worked on. This will help you to give evidence of your work and show the interviewers your strengths. Ensure that the project is at the level of the job you are interviewing for and that it's relevant. This is a great tactic for tech interviews as it allows you to speak freely about yourself and your projects. It shows a great level of confidence and enthusiasm.

Speak clearly and precisely:

Speaking clearly and precisely is a key part of a tech candidates role. You need to be able to show this in the interview by either speaking tech savvy or explaining details in depth. Make sure you explain what you are talking about and have valid points about your answers and the reasons to why you are asking certain questions. If you do any of this in the interview you are more than likely to impress the interviewers as it shows them that you know your stuff and are able to speak clearly and precisely.

Ask relevant questions:

Ask questions that are relevant to the interview, workplace and certain projects. Interviewers like it when you stick to a subject and don't roll off onto something else. Ask questions about the company, new projects coming up in the business and most importantly ask questions about the interviewers and how they got to where they are now.

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