'It’s never too late for a career change!' says local Career Coach Katherine Wiid

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As the average life expectancy continues to increase and retirement ages get pushed back, our working lives are increasing. How much time are you going to spend in a career that you don’t love?

“It’s never too late for a career change,” says Cambridge-based careers expert Katherine Wiid of Career Ambitions. She writes:

Lately I’ve been working with many clients over the age of 50, who are desperate for a career change but fear it’s too late to take the plunge. I often hear ‘my skills will be out of date’ or ‘I can’t compete with young talent’ or ‘I don’t know what job would suit me!’ None of these are reasons to stay in a career that doesn’t excite you.

Transferable skills never go out of date

You’ve got a lifetime of skills under your belt, but you’re worried they’re out of date and won’t compete with young talent. Wrong! Soft skills (or transferable skills as they’re often called) never go out of date. These are skills such as people management, problem solving, communication and so on. These skills can be carried across from one industry to another, from one role to another. Soft skills can’t easily be trained, whereas role specific skills can. 

Experience is invaluable

Many of my clients are scared of going head to head with young talent. Employers know the value of experience and commitment, and young talent simply can’t compete with you there!

Stop putting off your Career Change

Know that you need to change career but not sure which direction to go in? Most of us don't really know how to pinpoint what motivates us at work.  Why do we enjoy some tasks and not others?  Why do we feel comfortable in some environments and not others?  Why do we get on with certain people and yet can’t get through to others?

This is quite normal. 80% – 90% of who we are is unconscious and therefore analysing our actions, language and thoughts every second of the day in every context is not humanly possible.

What is possible is to understand and analyse your motivational patterns in a specific context using the LAB Profile. I use the LAB profile to listen to your motivations and work out what makes you tick. Together we can find a job that will excite and motivate you – for the rest of your working life.

Don’t be afraid of career change - whatever your age. Being stuck in a job that doesn’t excite you for the rest of your working life is far more scary!

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