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Bruno Cotta, James Parton and Stewart McTavish, and Jim McDougall are guests on CUTalks, the podcast of the Cambridge University Technology & Enterprise Club.

Learn from entrepreneurs about innovation and success through CUTalks.

In episode 10, podcast hosts Shreya and Thomas talk to Bruno Cotta, Executive Director of Cambridge Judge Business School's Entrepreneurship Centre. 

Bruno's original passion was to become an architect. But when he learned how long it would take to qualify, Bruno turned to his second passion which was electronics, leading him to study electrical engineering.

Bruno discusses his previous and current roles, and thoughts on some of the key skills that entrepreneurs require.

In episode 11, Shreya and Thomas talk to James Parton and Stewart McTavish.

James is Managing Director of the Bradfield Centre and Stewart is Director of ideaSpace, both co-working environments for different stages of start-ups. They discuss the common pitfalls of first-time entrepreneurs and give key advice for aspiring founders.

In episode 12, the podcast hosts talk to Jim McDougall, Commercial Director of Outfield, an agri-tech start-up working with drone, satellite and weather data to support farmers.

Jim has had past experience in consultancy and private equity, and co-founded Outfield in 2016. Listen to this episode for an insight into the applications of technology in the agriculture industry, the learnings of a founder on funding, building a team and finding product-market fit, and some common mistakes made by early founders.


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