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The podcast series for aspiring innovators talks to business professionals across a range of fields, sharing what they learned along the way.

CUTalks is the podcast of the Cambridge University Technology & Enterprise Club.

In the latest episodes, a variety of experts talk to podcast hosts Shreya and Thomas about their businesses.

In episode 13, podcost hosts Shreya and Thomas talk to Patrick Short, co-founder and CEO of Cambridge firm Sano Genetics. Patrick explains that the firm has a patient-facing platform where anyone can sign up though it's most useful to connect those with a genetic condition with clinical trials and early stage research.  The platform is transparent and allows the individual to see where their data is being used, and opt in or opt out of research projects.

Listen to this episode for an insight into the personalised genomics industry, as well as the journey from PhD to founder and some important lessons learnt along the way.

In episode 14, the podcast hosts talk to Giorgia Longobardi, the founder and CEO of Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), which designs power electronics that are more efficient and lighter than existing power transmitters. The company was a spin out from the engineering department of the University of Cambridge and aims to exploit the research Giorgia was doing as a post doc researcher.

Giorgia talks about how the team and the market is growing and the journey they have gone on, including learning how to talk about their work to non specialists.

in episode 15, Shreya and Thomas talk to Ipshita Mandal-Johnson, co-founder of Global Biotech Revolution, and the first president of Gap Summit. They discuss Ipshita's journey as a serial entrepreneur and scientist, and how to make an impact on a global scale.

Ipshita has studied and worked in seven countries and she shares how being application focussed, and wanting to see how science and technology could improve things, made a difference.


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