Monetical launches world’s first Agile Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) cloud-based platform

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Leveraging more than a decade of experience accompanying organisations through Agile transformations, Monetical has created the world's first cloud-based Agile Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) platform.

The idea for an Agile KaaS originated from the Monetical vision to have all organisations and Scrum Teams improve their agility through upward spirals of knowledge creation and continuous improvement.

Increasing numbers of organisations are adopting Agile methodologies to improve the speed of product innovation, increase customer satisfaction, improve internal efficiency and their market adaptability. Organisations have a range of internal and external change agent options when seeking to obtain the Agile expertise to support the three key stages of their Agile Transformation (design, adopt and optimise). The options range from simple “Web Search” through to “Hire Full Time” Agile transformation Contractors or Consultants. Each option has visible direct costs but also a range of hidden costs that we classify as search, translation, content, scaling, trust and durability.

The extensive library of structured Agile transformation knowledge embedded in Monetical enables early identification of these hidden costs because it grants access to situational knowledge in a transparent and structured manner - Monetical's core value proposition. Monetical aims to play an increasingly important role as a driver of cost efficiencies and as a complementary solution for contractors and consultants in the Agile professional services market.

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Monetical leverages decades of Agile consulting experience to create the world’s first and largest source of structured Agile knowledge provided on one of the world’s most trusted cloud computing services. Placing the Monetical Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) in the hands of your Agile transformation team empowers them with knowledge from Agile transformations that have already happened at the National Health Service, recognised FTSE and international organisations.

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