Taylor Vinters and ThoughtRiver partner to offer premium automated contract review service

Men working with pens and notepads; laptop and set of scales on desk

A new partnership between ThoughtRiver and Taylor Vinters has seen an automated customer review service be established.

The partnership aims to offer cheaper and faster legal services to customers.

The partnership will allow users of contract reviewing software ThoughtRiver to make use of a standard observed and approved by law firm Taylor Vinters by making a purchase on the platform.

Beginning with the offering of an advisory package on third party non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), expertise provided by Taylor Vinters will be codified using ThoughtRiver’s Lexible framework.

This will allow the law firm to offer their legal services faster and for a lower price in comparison to more traditional means of consultation.

“This new technology allows us to take a pioneering step forward within the professional-level legal services landscape – to position law as a commercial service model,” said Matt Meyer, CEO of Taylor Vinters.

“We’re excited to have worked with ThoughtRiver to develop cutting edge new business and technology frameworks which will have a genuine impact on the service we can provide to our clients, opening up what we have to offer to a much larger audience.”

ThoughtRiver CEO, Tim Pullan, said: “We’re delighted to announce the first of what I’m confident will be many partnerships of this nature.

“Taylor Vinters is an entrepreneurial trend-setter in its own right, and I’m proud that we will be extending our close working relationship ever further, while democratising the availability of legal services to the wider public and businesses.”

Contract review software company ThoughtRiver, founded in 2013, recently collaborated with Saleforce’s Tableau to offer their customers contract risk analysis capabilities.


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