Cambridge TV Training course: build your video portfolio and skills in four weeks

The band Datum Plane being filmed while they perform one of their songs at Cambridge TV

Already know a bit about media, but lack a strong portfolio and broadcast credits? Need evidence of your competence and want to build your skills by working alongside industry professionals? This course from Cambridge TV may help! 

Cambridge TV writes:

Working in a small team, in four intensive weeks you will make:

  • A performance video – Music or dramatic artist/s.  Working in our studios you would plan, light, plot, record and edit a video demonstrating the performance skills of an artist or small ensemble.
  • A topical documentary – Research, plan, source contributors and clear archive footage, film contributors, actuality and b-roll, edit and submit for broadcast.  Design a title sequence and source suitable music. Cut social media trailers and a YouTube version as well as a broadcast TV edition.
  •  A sympathetic profile piece  - build a working relationship with a potential subject (eg charity worker, campaigner, ground breaking researcher) obtain privileged access, plan and structure a show suitable for TV, with versions for their website and social media, film subject, related contributors and b-roll, edit and submit for broadcast.
  •  Business promotional video – make a video for a commercial client to promote their business activities, explain one or more aspects of their work/research, add graphics, music and SFX to bring their proposition to a wider audience.       

Working to typical industry deadlines, supported by freelance specialists and the team at Cambridge TV, you will learn skills and enhance your portfolio in a way that will make you significantly more employable or perhaps jumpstart your career.  We will use professional equipment and work to Ofcom broadcast standards.

Each week will be structured around one project. Mondays and Tuesdays will mostly be used for skill-building, research and filming. The rest of the week is more flexible but will be used for editing, researching and planning the next project. You can expect at least 15 hours per week of formal contact time and access to the team and the resources of Cambridge TV for the rest of the time.  There will be time to hold down another job for example, but Mondays and Tuesdays will be sacrosanct!  

For the rest of the week and the weekend, it's up to you how the work gets done, but handing in the project in time for an editorial meeting each Monday will be an essential component of the programme.  This will feel like ‘real work’ in every aspect except that there are professional tutors alongside you at every stage to boost your skills and knowledge, and to ensure that there is a high quality outcome.

Both during and after the course, we will carve out time to prepare a show reel, as well as review and beef up your CV with phrases that the industry recognises, and click-throughs to your new enhanced portfolio.

Fees are due in advance.  We charge £500 per week.  50% bursaries may be available to those who have joined previous CTVT courses.

If you are interested, call or text Bob at 07785 361345 or email

Image: The band Datum Plane being filmed while they perform one of their songs at Cambridge TV

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