Local accuracy experts are on hand to help Santa deliver his presents this Christmas

Accuracy test- envelope showing errors in address to Santa Claus

Ahead of the Christmas postal delivery rounds, local Accuracy Experts Scott Bradbury share accuracy tests to ensure no-one misses out on mail this Christmas.

When you receive your Christmas cards, how many get an element of your name or address wrong? It’s the same with emails! So often these little mistakes are made and overlooked by the sender. While a misspelt name or an incorrect character in an address isn’t going to make Santa Claus cancel Christmas, it can be embarrassing in the digital world of emails and instant messaging. 

Every month, Scott Bradbury releases a themed accuracy test designed to challenge your accuracy and highlight how easy it is to make mistakes. In December, the team has released two - one to encourage people to Develop An Eye For Accuracy, and another focusing on Accurate Written Communication. 

Download the free Christmas Accuracy Test here and the free Accurate Written Communication Test here.

Each test has just 25 pieces of information to compare and verify, and should take no more than three minutes to complete. How accurate are you? 

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