Benefits of hiring seasonal temporary employees

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Hiring temporary employees can help your business in busy periods  - for example, at Christmas, for large deliveries or database updates. Temporary employees can assist with staff sickness and skills shortages - many businesses employ temps to get to know someone before they offer them a permanent position. 

Busy Bee Recruitment writes:

Here are the four benefits of hiring seasonal temporary employees:

Short-term assistance:

Temporary workers allow your business to adapt to increased workloads more efficiently. It might be during expected peak periods of the year, or unexpected increased demand from your clients. Therefore, having a temp to cover this period of time allows you to continue to deliver a fast and efficient service, alongside not overloading your permanent employees with additional workload.

Quick turnaround:

Temps are available immediately or have short notice periods which makes the recruitment process easier for businesses who need someone to start ASAP. Seasonal periods are always in high demand as businesses have deadlines, clients and customers to attend to. When you recruit seasonal temps into a busy environment you need to make sure that they are able to hit the ground running and can deal with the fast-paced environment. This can have a major increase on productivity and motivation within the team and can make an immediate difference.

Fresh ideas:

If you are considering recruiting a temp to cover a short-term project, they are likely to possess expertise within the field. This allows you to get fresh ideas and opinions that your current employees might not bring to the table. Furthermore, temporary employees can teach your direct employees new skills to help improve business operations.


Temporary workers deal with change very well as they are able to adapt to various situations and demands given on any job. This might mean that they are flexible to work over busy seasonal periods or can assist with unusual shift patterns. For business owners this can be very time efficient, productive and more cost effective. This means that nothing is left unfinished and when it comes to cover you can always count on temporary workers.

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