The fast-moving monolith - application modernisation with Red Hat Openshift®


Much of the promise of Red Hat® OpenShift® tends to be medium-long term – for example, the benefits of cloud-native development approaches require a re-think of architecture.

However, there are immediate benefits to be gained by re-hosting existing applications to OpenShift® - the application architecture remains unchanged, but the applications have a “new life” on a modern deployment platform.

  • shortened release cycle / zero downtime deployments

  • simplified deployment processes

  • reduced operational costs

Click on the image to re-run Tier 2 Consulting's webinar – during which the team demonstrates the steps required to migrate an existing application, from a traditional JEE container, into Red Hat® OpenShift®, and configure it to access remote services (such as a RDBMS).








The webinar is an ideal reference point if:

  • You want to containerise your application

  • You want the benefits of Red Hat® OpenShift® but you’re not quite ready for full modernisation (i.e. micro services)

  • You have existing monolithic JEE applications but you don’t know how to go about moving them to the cloud

  • You’re starting with either source code or a pre-built JEE artefact

  • You want to migrate your existing JBoss configuration into Red Hat® OpenShift® and you want to configure your application for different environments

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