CyanConnode secures £3.3m purchase order in India


CyanConnode Holdings plc, a world leader in Narrowband Radio Frequency (RF) Smart Mesh Networks, is pleased to announce that it has received the formal purchase order relating to the Letter of Intent (LOI) received from partner Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, as announced on 16 December 2019.  The purchase order, worth £3.3 million, includes a full set of terms and conditions under which the project will be implemented.

Under the purchase order, CyanConnode will supply Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) standards-based hardware, services, and head-end software, which includes a perpetual license and an annual maintenance contract.  The Company’s Omnimesh technology will provide a network canopy, enabling a hybrid RF smart mesh and cellular communication platform that is scalable to 200,000 smart meters. The installation of the project is expected to be completed within the next fifteen months.

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