IQGeo improves collaboration and increases productivity for Gigaclear

Gordon Perry, Technical Director at Gigaclear

IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a market leader in geospatial software for telecoms and utilities, is accelerating the speed of Gigaclear’s construction projects while improving collaboration and oversight with external contractors.

As one of the UK’s leading rural full fibre broadband providers, Gigaclear selected IQGeo’s geospatial software following a competitive search process.

Built for the edge of the network, IQGeo’s geospatial platform and Capture solution enables Gigaclear engineers to walk the route of their broadband network with external contractors, recording data and submitting changes on their mobile devices. Given the rural nature of their network, the ability to capture field data while offline was a major consideration in the selection of IQGeo. Delivering a single source of trusted information improves collaboration with third party contractors and allows all stakeholders to monitor status and field updates, while streamlining processes and increasing productivity.  

Gigaclear uses third party contractors exclusively for their construction projects so it was important that any new solution is accepted by them. Gigaclear’s contractors were involved in the initial Proof of Concept (PoC) and quickly adapted to IQGeo’s software with very little training. The usability combined with IQGeo’s mobile-first architecture helped ensure the success of the trial.

IQGeo’s software has virtually eliminated costly version control conflicts. Its real-time view of network assets ensures that only the very latest data is used for construction activities, helping to avoid costly delays and project confusion.

Gordon Perry, Technical Director at Gigaclear (pictured),said: “It was our intent to build a field capture solution internally but decided to explore what was commercially available first. We were impressed with IQGeo’s solution from the outset. The team immediately understood our challenges and delivered a presentation and PoC that addressed our biggest concerns. We continue to be impressed by both the team and the software, which has exceeded our initial expectations.” 

“As a rural operator, we have really struggled to find products that work for us so were forced to rely on printed work orders and field updates. Offline support, validating designs and version control were causing us major headaches. Thanks to IQGeo, these are now problems of the past!”

Christian Wirth, IQGeo’s General Manager for Europe and Japan, said: “While many products claim to be mobile-first, in reality not many can actually deliver on their promise. Working with our customers, including some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, our products have been specifically built for the edge of the network, delivering a truly mobile-first solution that can make such a difference to field operations for telcos and utilities. We look forward to working closely with Gigaclear to help them realise the full benefits of this approach.”  

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IQGeo’s end-to-end geospatial software improves productivity and collaboration across enterprise planning, design, construction, maintenance and sales processes for telecoms and utility network operators. Our mobile-first enterprise solutions create and maintain, an accurate view of complex network assets that is easily accessible by anyone, wherever and whenever needed.

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