AVEVA announces its European Simulation Academic Competition to further research into solving global engineering problems

Amish Sabharwal

Run in conjunction with renowned chemical engineer Dr Richard Turton,  a new European competition offers the winner an internship at AVEVA in California.

AVEVA, a global leader in engineering and industrial software, is unveiling its 2020 European AVEVA Simulation Academic Competition. The contest, which is entering its second year but marks its inauguration in the European region, provides an exclusive opportunity for one winner to conduct a three-month internship at the AVEVA offices located near Lake Forest, California, and receive a €3,000 prize.

The European part of the AVEVA Academic Program Competition commenced on 1st February 2020 and is open to students from countries in the European Union and the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland. The closing date for all entries is 31st March 2020 with the winner to be announced on 30th June 2020. Contestants can access more information and enter the competition online on the AVEVA Academic Competition webpage.

The 2020 competition invites students to solve a real-world engineering problem by learning and leveraging AVEVA Simulation, a next-generation simulation platform designed for the development and control of the complete engineering lifecycle. The competition is open to students studying chemical engineering and provides the winning student with the unique opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a real-life industry software project. Following the same model as the 2019 competition, the 2020 runner-up will win a €1,500 prize.

AVEVA Simulation is easy-to-learn software and students with no prior experience of the platform are encouraged to enter.

Winner of the first North America AVEVA Simulation Academic Competition, Ryan Muir, encourages all those studying Chemical Engineering to apply: “When I decided to enter the competition, I had never used AVEVA Simulation and it was my first time using a dynamic simulator,” says Muir. “The best advice I can offer all contenders is to be creative as it’s far easier to write your own models that can then be used throughout the simulation. Also, be sure to consider how you will incorporate what you have learned in your university classes. Custom models are guaranteed to make your simulation stand out from the crowd.”

As winner of the 2019 North America competition, Mr Muir commenced a permanent position as a Software Models & Applications Engineer at AVEVA’s Lake Forest office in California in January 2020 and is now responsible for developing models and building applications using AVEVA Simulation. Mr Muir adds: “I was so impressed by the wide range of technologies and innovations available for me to work with and I am thrilled AVEVA has given me an opportunity to join the Simulation team. I’m starting my career at a great company with an inspiring group of colleagues who actively support young engineers.”

Renowned chemical engineer Dr. Richard Turton, author of the industry-hailed book titled Analysis, Synthesis and Design of Chemical Processes and joint host of the competition, praises the uniqueness of the competition: “Expanding this competition to the European continent enables us to bring an internship opportunity to a wider pool of next-generation talent. As the software engineering industry continues to undergo unparalleled digital transformation, the role played by engineers of the future will come into greater prominence. I am honored to support AVEVA with this initiative.”

Amish Sabharwal, Executive Vice-President, Head of Engineering Business at AVEVA (pictured), says: “We are thrilled to launch the AVEVA Simulation Academic Competition into its second year, and honored to introduce it for the first time to students in Europe. This competition demonstrates AVEVA’s continued commitment to developing and supporting the exceptional raw talents that we are seeing evolve out of many global universities. Last year’s North America winner, Ryan Muir, is a success story that represents how we train and nurture our staff, whatever their location, and we are thrilled to see him take on a full-time position at AVEVA.”

All entries will be judged against a framework that considers the quality and technicality of the entrant’s final project report. This is in addition to the procedure followed, the quality of analysis, and completeness and accuracy of the work. The competition seeks a candidate with strong skills that are either directly or indirectly related to process engineering and simulation.

Terms and Conditions of Prize:

  • The grand prize winner will receive a three-month paid internship with Sponsor in Lake Forest, California (the “Internship”). The Internship includes a flight and housing allowance of 3,000 Euros. The grand prize winner must meet all necessary criteria (e.g., visa requirements) to receive the Internship. Should the grand-prize winner choose not to accept the Internship, the grand prize winner will receive a cash prize of 3,000.00 Euros. The grand prize winner receives either the Internship or the cash prize, but not both. The Internship or receipt of 3,000.00 Euros cash prize is the “Grand Prize.”
  • The runner-up winner will receive a cash prize of 1,500.00 Euros (“Runner-Up Prize”).



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