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The business podcast Scaling, Failing & Prevailing is the podcast that helps start-ups and corporates to learn from each other through great conversations.

Episode 16 is the first time the podcast hosts James Parton and Adelina Chalmers have spoken to a genomics start-up CEO.

Patrick Short of Sano Genetics talks about entrepreneurship at The University of Cambridge, the experiences that he and his two co-founders have had since attending the billion pound scale-up challenge event in August (episode 13), how they are building intimate relationships with their customers, their duty of care with their user's data, and how they will continue to deliver that at scale.

The company is based around connecting people to research, genomics and personalised medicine, giving people control of their data and doing research in a patient-centric way. They have patients and patient organisations that work with the company to get involved in clinical trials and gain access to research, and they work with researchers and help them to analyse genetic data from these patients or generate new data. 


More about the podcast

Adelina Chalmers is known as The Geek Whisperer and works in tech start-ups and corporates, enabling geeks at all levels to talk to each other.

James Parton has worked in corporate innovation and he runs the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge where they help tech companies scale.

The podcast is produced by Carl Homer (Cambridge TV) and the branding was created by Tanya and Anne-Marie at Carbon Orange.

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