Why content is important in digital marketing

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When it comes to digital marketing, few things are more important than content. With changes in the way that Google and other search engines rank your domain, content is the leading method of gaining traction in the online marketplace. Businesses that do not generate blogs, articles, podcasts, videos and infographics put themselves at a significant disadvantage. 

Peek Creative writes:

The reason that content is so crucial for digital marketing all comes back to the needs of users. Google doesn't say that businesses need to create content because that's what it wants as a company; it's because that's what customers want. Search engines only direct their customers to content-rich sites because their analysis tells them that this is what its users want. As far as the search giants are concerned, it's just providing the best service possible for customers. 

Let's imagine for a moment that the situation was different. Suppose, for instance, that the thing that people valued was “SEO content” where content creators spammed the same keywords over and over again on a web page. If that were what was valuable, Google and other search engines would forward users to those pages, and ignore all of the informative blogs and videos on the internet. Cut-and-paste jobs would be the most powerful way to boost your rank in search results. 

Of course, as this example shows, that would be absurd. There's no value in keyword stuffing, and search engines know this. They want to forward people to genuine, original, and authoritative content which adds value. That's what their users like the most, and that's what these search engines try to give them. 

It's not all about SEO, though. For businesses, content marketing is vital for other reasons too. We take a look at how and why on our latest post in our journal. Click here to read more.


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