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Something different and hopefully inspirational to listen to. Douglas Squirrel is the guest for episode 18 of the Scaling, Failing & Prevailing podcast and talks about scaling a tech team.

Douglas Squirrel has been a senior technical leader for around 20 years in various roles, and has experience of building tech teams in start-ups and scale-ups.

He has his own podcast ( and a new book coming out in May (

He says: "People forget to talk to their tech team and the tech team forgets to talk to everybody else."

He adds: "The fundamental mistake is forgetting to talk. You'd think that would not be foundation for a successful consulting business. There's a very natural human tendency to avoid difficult conversations."

The conversation covers communicating, protecting the company vision and culture, why creating safe spaces isn’t enough, the type of people in a start-up versus the type of people as the company evolves, accountability and objectives and tips for non technical founders.

More about the podcast

Scaling, Failing & Prevailing is now in its second year and has had over 3,000 plays. The podcast helps start-ups and corporates to learn from each other through great conversations.

Adelina Chalmers is known as The Geek Whisperer and works in tech start-ups and corporates, enabling geeks at all levels to speak better with each other. She also helps start-ups from Cambridge University to secure investment.

James Parton has worked in corporate innovation and has experienced start-up to IPO. He runs the Bradfield Centre in Cambridge where they help tech companies scale and the centre hosts hundreds of free tech events every year. 

The podcast is produced by Carl Homer (Cambridge TV) and the branding was created by Tanya and Anne-Marie at Carbon Orange.

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