European SMEs to benefit from new UK-Spain partnership focused on accelerating 3D printing adoption

Dirk Saseta Krieg-Leitat, Tat-Hean-TWI Gan and Amro Satti-Leitat

Two international research and technology organisations, TWI Ltd and the Spanish based Leitat, have teamed up to share their joint ambition of helping industries on their path to digital transformation, particularly utilising 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM).

Under the umbrella of the TWI Innovation Network and linking to Spain's 3D Factory Incubator – the first of its kind in Europe for 3D printing (3DP) technologies and of which Leitat is a founding member – the partners will explore joint opportunities for Industry 4.0 advancement in a European context.

The arrangement will see TWI and Leitat committed to collaborating on competitive proposals in advanced materials, nanotechnology, information communications technology (ICT), manufacturing and artificial intelligence (AI).  The aim is to develop projects which will lead to new solutions in 3D printing for industries including automotive, aerospace, oil and gas and more.

Leitat will bring to the partnership their knowledge of guiding companies, specifically SMEs and micro-SMEs, on their journey to AM/3DP adoption, from experimenting, testing and metrology, end-to-end solutions design and implementation, through to addressing industrial needs in AM/3DP by research and development, and training and education in associated technologies.  Their leading role in the 3D Factory Incubator for AM/3DP technology innovation also provides further benefits via its connection to the International Advanced 3D Manufacturing 3D Hub (IAM 3D HUB), the leading digital innovation hub dedicated to AM and 3DP.

TWI will bring to the relationship complementary experience in the complete AM/3DP value chain, including design and build optimisation, prototyping, performance validation and product industrialisation.  For example, TWI’s Industrial Members can access a wide range of support on AM/3DP including feasibility studies, numerical modelling and topology optimisation, material and process selection, testing and compliance with relevant standards.


Dirk Saseta Krieg, Projects Director at Leitat said “This collaboration agreement will allow Leitat to continue its development at international level within strategic areas.  Leitat has been focusing on AM since the very beginning and we aim to continue strengthening our position with such partnerships.”

Tat-Hean Gan, Director of Innovation and Skills at TWI expanded further saying “We look forward to combining TWI’s additive manufacturing capabilities and in-depth experience of bidding for, and winning, public funding for collaborative projects with our new partner Leitat’s considerable expertise in 3D printing technologies and wider role in the IAM 3D HUB.”  “This will enable us to work in partnership to nurture the development of SMEs working towards additive manufacturing adoption.”


Pictured left to right: Dirk Saseta Krieg, Projects Director, Leitat, Tat-Hean Gan, Director of Innovation and Skills, TWI and Amro Satti, Proposal Manager, Leitat.


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