Help for jobseekers during a time of uncertainty

Ruth Carter (left) and Claire Angus of Cambridge Network's Recruitment Gateway team

Are you facing redundancy? If your future working life is looking uncertain, Cambridge Network's Recruitment Gateway team is here to help.

Claire Angus, Head of the Network's popular Recruitment Gateway, says: "If you've been made redundant, we invite you to get in touch. Our team has a great network of recruitment experts we can connect you with, including career and life coaches. We can also help by offering CV advice.

“We are in the process of setting up a page with links to vacancies in the area for companies that are looking for temporary help due to shortages of staff and increased demand. These are likely to include delivery jobs, shelf stacking and voluntary work.

"Many Cambridge Network members are still actively recruiting, so jobseekers should continue to keep an eye on our jobs pages here

"Bango, for example, says it is just adapting the way it recruits by making use of video interviews, so that people can stay at home to interview!

"Some of our members and others are also stepping up to help jobseekers and employer organisations.  For example, Kameo Recruitment is offering:

  • Candidates – CV advice & review which includes thoroughly looking through a candidate's CV, making changes and tweaks as necessary so they are ready to move forward with confidence once this is over.
  • Client advice - for example, salary reviews, writing or supporting realistic and attractive job descriptions, review of the recruitment process and anything else they may need in relation to getting things up and running again e.g. offering interview space at Kameo's offices free of charge."

For technology recruitment agency SoCode, it remains business as usual.  However, Daniel Pillinger, Business Manager, said: " I imagine this will be changing day to day! It’s created an opportunity for us to reach out to people we otherwise can’t speak to and catch up with good contacts. The best thing to do in this scenario is remain as focused and organised as we can and ensure we’re doing as much proactive work as possible for when things have (hopefully!) blown over.

“Our morning team meetings are now done online, and we’ve started a few business improvement projects to make sure we’re using our time productively.

"We’re very fortunate in that we’re still looking to expand the business – even through these very difficult times."

Contact Claire and the Recruitment Gateway team by email>>>

Image: Ruth Carter and Claire Angus of Cambridge Network's Recruitment Gateway team


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